A Message to our Ignite Community ...

The announcement I have to make breaks my heart in a million ways. I have loved this place and all of you for so long. Ignite will be closing on June 30, 2024. If you have questions, I am an open book. Owning a small business in 2024 is not an easy task, and I hope you believe me when I say I really tried my best.

♥️ If you are a class pass holder, all class passes are valid until June 30.
♥️ All autopay memberships will be terminated and you will not be charged for upcoming months.
♥️ Solstice to Solstice members, I will connect with each of you individually.

The tiny silver lining is we are open until June 30. We have incredible teachers at Ignite and I hope you come soak up what they have to offer. I believe that we all land exactly where we need to be, and I hope that post studio closure, you will find what they have to offer in other places. The yamas teach us about non-attachment and while I am as deeply attached to this studio and community as many of you are, I believe there is beauty and power in whatever we stumble upon next.

While we remain open:
♥️ All classes are a $10 drop-in rate.
♥️ If you wish to use the studio in an unlimited capacity for the remaining time, the May-July unlimited membership is $100.

I love you all, deeply and powerfully.


Class Schedule

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